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Digital Innovative Analysis Spectroscopy

What is DIAS?

DIAS (Digital Innovative Analysis Spectroscopy) project aims to use the MS infrastructure and the latest available spectrophotometry open source hardware1, combined with the development of a smart, easy to use software which will help Diabetic patients and patients with metabolic syndrome, obtain their continually necessary analytics without having to wait days for the results.
Our proposed system, aims to take advantage of the high performance hardware available in CING and the specially trained personnel from the members of the consortium while combining data with machine learning algorithms to provide robust results in critical questions in medical analysis.

Fast evolving industries affecting our everyday lives such as medical, food, agriculture and petrol, require frequent, accurate and cost-effective monitoring solutions. Thus, there is a continually growing market demand for robust analyst solutions aiming to support and complement the main procedures currently followed to address each industry’s requirements. NIR spectroscopy, commonly referred to as spectrophotometry, measures each chemical’s substance absorption spectrum and enables the robust detection of important information regarding the substance, including its concentration. Spectrophotometry runs faster, simpler, with less accuracy and cost when compared with Mass Spectrometry (MS). On the other hand MS research and recent discoveries have revolutionized modern biological and biomedical fields, thus creating an emerging field of new analysis processes with a wide range of possible applications2. At the heart of spectrophotometry experiments, there are several methods employed to analyze the sample and there is a constant effort in optimizing both speed and accuracy of the analysis through new and novel methods and technological processes.

Rapid examination of samples will enable both medical specialists and patients to acquire critical answers with far less waiting time. More specifically, DIAS will intergrade the latest off-the-shelf spectrophotometry hardware technology available, with a set of novel algorithms developed by our team to improve spectrophotometry data analysis. This approach will deliver higher performance chemical analysis on a smaller size system at significantly reduced cost. Additionally, this application is expected to be used in other industries like agricultural or petrol where such results are required. The consortium will develop a state of the art software solution paired with spectrophotometry hardware platform which will provide a crafty solution for rapid analysis to address major time consuming problems that are limiting medical personnel from having important data for special patient analysis in the required time. The development process will provide essential feedback from the integration of algorithms, to spectrophotometry applications and will enrich the information extracted from the analysis. DIAS research outcomes will enable a novel analysis system with competitive advantage to currently available off-the-shelf hardware platforms. The system and the DIAS software solution that will be developed will be tested against various software applications and procedures for validation and benchmarking. The off the shelf hardware will be integrated with the developed licensed software which will form the essential part of DIAS system solution. Furthermore, as the list of users and early adopters of the system grows, the set of algorithms will be further optimized and the results generated by the program will become even more accurate. This state of the art approach will ensure the durability of the project and the sustainability of the results.

DIAS platform, with it’s a wide spectrum of possible applications, will enable the enterprises of the consortium to become leaders in portable chemical analysis, generating substantial income upon exploitation. It will also attract more investments and grants from international sources for the adaptation of the system to various industry needs. These grants and revenue will not only improve the enterprise’s competitiveness but it will also contribute to the development of the economy of the country particularly through service provision as well as creation of employment opportunities.

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