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Experts in IoT (Internet of things) with a unique combination of Hardware Design and an in-house Biosensor Production facility.

Main services:

  1. Biosensor for Pesticide Residue Detection.
  2. B.EL.D. Devices for Biosensor detection and for Research.
  3. Design and Prototyping for electronic system.
  4. R&D Biosensor development.

Our Skills.

A unique combination.

From a team that seeks new challenges.

Food safety

Using B.EL.D and you can check fruits and vegetables for specific pesticide residues levels detection.

Biosensor Development

Usign our biological laboratory we develop biosensors and offer cell culture.

Hardware development

Design and demonstration of lab on a chip hardware for medical devices prototypes, industrial devices prototypes, Firmware development.

Software development

  1. Development of solutions for custom-made websites suitable for law firms, doctors and medical centers.
  2. Custom made android applications.
  3. Custom Web services.
  4. Multisystem applications.

Our Team

From the lab to the market. How to bring our idea into a product.

Our goal is continuous improvement.

Constantinos Loizou

Constantinos Loizou



Antonios Inglezakis

Antonios Inglezakis

Hardware Engineer

Theofylaktos Apostolou

Theofylaktos Apostolou



Lazaros Dougiakis

Lazaros Dougiakis

Software Enginner

Public consultation: guidance on threshold of toxicological concern approach

EFSA has launched a public consultation on its proposed guidance for the use of the threshold of toxicological concern (TTC) approach in food safety assessment. The document takes into account the latest developments in the field. It will help guide EFSA’s scientific...

European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2018

Mark your calendar for this year’s European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD).European Antibiotic Awareness Day takes place ever year on 18 November to raise awareness about the threat to public health from antibiotic resistance and the importance of prudent use of...

Food safety: simplified approach to make food donations easier

EFSA has developed a new food safety management approach that makes it simpler for small retailers to donate food.The simplified system would mean that retailers are not required to have detailed knowledge of specific hazards. It includes steps for checking that...

Multi-country outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes linked to consumption of salmon products

Ready-to-eat salmon products, such as cold-smoked and marinated salmon, are the likely source of an outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes that has affected Denmark, Germany and France since 2015. EFSA and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) used...

Lumpy skin disease in cattle: from containment to elimination

EFSA has assessed the most effective strategies for eliminating lumpy skin disease (LSD) now that the outbreaks in south-eastern Europe have been contained. A report published today gives advice on the ideal duration of vaccination programmes to eliminate the disease,...

EFSA Focal Points: a decade of networking for European food safety

For the past 10 years EFSA's Focal Points have been acting as ambassadors in EU Member States and operating as a network of cross-border collaboration on food safety. To mark the occasion, a new interactive timeline highlights the key achievements of the...

Public consultation: Guidance on feed additives and the environment

EFSA has launched a public consultation on its draft guidance for assessing the safety of feed additives for the environment.The guidance document is intended to help applicants prepare and present applications for the authorisation of feed additives. It specifies...

B.EL.D Portable diagnostic device

Bluetooth Functionality on our portable diagnostic device. Almost ready for CE tests.

Working as a team

Working on iOS Development of B.EL.D application.  

ESA Member

Just approved for application as an SME to European Space Agency - ESA...

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EMBIO Diagnostics (EMBIO) designs and develops custom based hardware solutions and consults as an expert in the biotechnology at a global scale.


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