Controlling what we eat

The Challenge

Number and volume of groceries increases yearly with producers finding more and more way to increase their production. With the current diagnostics it is impossible to test the necessary volume of groceries to make sure what we eat is clean from pesticides.

“Nobody should be exposed to unsafe amounts of pesticide.”
World Health Organisation.

The Solution

  • Increase monitoring of Pesticides Levels on the samples
  • Portable Hardware
  • Lower cost per test
  • Robust results / No waiting time
  • Ease of use – Mobile Application


Successful Detection


Error Posibility

Minutes Detection

Immediate Result

Our Projects


Bio ELectric Diagnostics Project

We have developed a state of the art hardware the read biosensor signals and detect specific substances


Software support

Developing Android and iOS application that connect with custom made or standard circuits for BLE connectivity.

Hosting webpages and webservices.



Using biosensor and B.EL.D. device to notifymedical personnel, with immediate answer about patients Dopamine/Serotonin level.

The project is under development 

Making security priority.

Mobile Refresh

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Extensive R&D

Our Team

From the lab to the market. How to bring our idea into a product.

Our goal is continuous improvement.

Constantinos Loizou

Constantinos Loizou


Antonios Inglezakis

Antonios Inglezakis

Hardware Engineer

Theofylaktos Apostolou

Theofylaktos Apostolou


Lazaros Dougiakis

Lazaros Dougiakis

Software Enginner

About Us

EMBIO Diagnostics (EMBIO) designs and develops custom based hardware solutions and consults as an expert in the biotechnology at a global scale.


Connect With Us

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Our Projects


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